Former Basketball Player from College of Charleston Files Lawsuit Against Coaches

Former Basketball Player from College of Charleston Files Lawsuit Against Coaches

This is a terrible story of a decorated athlete who had enormous potential that was cut short by excessive training by coaches.  Zoe Wallis had a bright future before she entered the College of Charleston.  She was highly sought out for her talent.

The lawsuit that has been launched is in reference to specific practice in August of 2014 when Wallis suffered a heat stroke after a strenuous session.  She ended up with organ damage to her liver and her kidneys.  The lawsuit alleges that the coach Jackson and her assistants were negligent in conducting a dangerous exercise that completely disregarded Wallis’s health and well-being.

 The athlete was told she had to run a distance of five miles without stopping.  She was told she had to finish despite the difficulty.  Wallis made multiple attempts to tell her coach that she was sick and needed to stop, but they told her she must continue.  She eventually collapsed and even then Wallis claims her coach yelled at her to finish by crawling to the finish line and that she was simply weak.  When she lost consciousness her teammates were instructed to carry her over the finish line.

Even after she was on her feet again, another coach pushed her from behind causing her to fall over again to the ground.  At this point Wallis was suffering from hyperthermia or heat stroke.  Even with all the warning signs the coaches didn’t do anything for her, and didn’t call 911.  She was put in the back of a hot car and driven to the ER.  When admitted her body temperature was 104.6, she was tachycardiac, and had acute renal failure.  She also had damage to her liver and was admitted to intensive care before being released two days later.

Wallis was forced to give up her dream of playing college basketball due to the mental and mainly physical restrictions she now suffers from.  In addition to having to withdraw from the team she also lost her athletic scholarship, which is a direct violation of NCAA rules.

She now attends a local community college with her dreams having been stripped away through no fault of her own.

“Zoe is determined to stand up for herself and other student athletes.  I hope this lawsuit enables her to return to the College of Charleston and bring reform to the Women’s basketball program at the College,” says Jason Setchen.

 “I really miss my Charleston family and I wake up each day wishing I was still at the College and ale to play basketball again.  I paid a very heavy price to be a part of CofC’s Women’s Basketball Team and the coaches actions took away my basketball but she shouldn’t be able to take away my education,” claims Zoe.

“This case is an example of gross negligence and abuse of power,” says Joe Sandefur, managing partner at a top personal injury law firm in South Carolina at joeandmartin.comThese coaches were responsible for Zoe and her health, and they purposefully ignored warning signs of a serious health condition.  They should be held liable for their actions and for permanently changing this young lady’s future.”


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