What can you do if your dog bit someone?

What can you do if your dog bit someone?

A lot of people see their pets similar to their children. When a dog behave badly it can be easy for an owner to ignore the bad behavior and forgive the misbehaving puppy. But, what will happen if the dog bites someone? Are there any legal consequences? What should an owner do?

 When your dog bites someone, first reactions could vary from humor to panic and shock. But, it is very important to take quick action in order to make sure that the incident doesn’t rise and to avoid legal responsibility. It is dangerous to stay calm, even if the bite is serious. Straight away lock up the dog in another room or to a crate and offer first-aid to the bite victim. Make sure to clean any wound immediately and carefully to avoid infection. You should contact 911 for emergency medical attention if the injury warrants.

portland-oregon-dog-bite-attorney-barking-aggressiveExchange some information with the victim as you would do after a motor vehicle accident. You should get their name and contact details and be ready to give your homeowner’s insurance information that would be the most likely policy to cover the dog bite. You should avoid becoming offensive with the victim or to blame them for the incident, because that can invoke their anger and they can file a lawsuit against you or seek the destruction of the dog by animal control.

Be sure to get any witnesses contact information, if there are any witnesses to the incident. Make sure to get a copy of your dog’s medical records, and mainly their vaccination history as soon as you are able to. If necessary, you should inform local authorities of the incident and stick to their orders. It may be terrifying to talk about your fate of your dog with animal control, but it would be much better if you are the first one to report the incident instead of the injured person.

As a general rule, owners are legally responsible for the damage caused by their pets, and even if someone was trespassing on the owner’s property at the time of the incident. Warning signs are generally required to stay away from some legal responsibility to trespassers, but even this may not completely protect the owner under some conditions. You should check with your Jhon Bales attorney to find the best course of action for your location.


It is your duty, as a responsible dog owner, to ensure that your dog doesn’t bite people. You need make sure that your dog is trained correctly, and that you have warning signs if your dog is allowed to run free on your property, and that you know how to treat a dog bite should if that happens. You should act quickly to lessen the situation if it is already too late, as your rights (and also your dog’s life) can depend on it. You should contact an John Bales Attorneys at once if a dog attack does happen in order to be sure that you take all of the appropriate actions to protect yourself and your pet as well.

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